holiday decor

Holiday Homes

Every home looks better when it’s all dressed up for the holidays. Warmth, cheer,
and wonderful aromas greet you and potential buyers as you walk through the door
and say this is a well loved home. There is no better time of year to show off your
home’s good points and to engage the senses, and of course to remember that there
really is no place like home for the holidays.

Traditional Exterior by Wilmington Photographers Jay Greene Photography

Your home’s holiday appeal begins at the curbside. Lighting is especially important
with shorter daylight hours. This is the time to see that the windows sparkle, that
the outside light fixtures shine, and that all the bulbs are in good working order. If
you have a lamppost then adding a swag of greenery is a nice touch, outdoor pots
filled with evergreens, dogwood branches, pine cones or your local natural flora
makes a holiday statement, and a fresh welcome mat is a must.

Traditional Entry by Tacoma Interior Designers & Decorators Scott Neste | Minor Details Interior Design

Fill a basket with cinnamon scented pinecones and place it close to the door – if you

have a fireplace then another basket of the scented cones nearby will look and smell
great. A fireplace offers ambience and welcomes holiday décor. Evergreen on the
mantle, birch logs ready to light, or if it is a gas fireplace then a basket of birch logs is
still a nice touch, and a conversational grouping of furniture accenting the coziness.

Rustic Living Room

The dining room lends itself to the best of holiday cheer and is so easy to decorate. A sparkling chandelier, an aromatic holiday centerpiece on the gleaming table, candles, your beautiful china and glassware set for a family gathering, and a feeling of anticipation for the coming party is what your dining room should evoke.

Traditional Dining Room by Edmonton Interior Designers & Decorators AMR Design

Bathrooms are a lovely place for dishes of holiday scented soaps and baskets of

fluffy towels with seasonal sprigs of greenery tucked in. Bedrooms look cozy with
fresh comforters and duvets folded for the chilly nights and plumped pillows in a
reading chair by the window. This is a perfect room in which to place scented
pinecones and a sweet smelling arrangement of evergreens.

Traditional Bedroom by Laconia Interior Designers & Decorators Lori Currier Interiors

The kitchen is the place where everyone seems to gather and should always be

welcoming. A large basket of colorful fruits like pomegranates, red apples, mandarin
oranges, and pineapple will look beautiful on the counter or butcher-block. A bowl of nuts in their shells with cracking tools at the table, and a plate of holiday cookies by the coffee pot look wonderful and are magnets for warmth and feelings of well-being.

Holidays are a time to shine and everything about your home should as well. Leave
the outside lights on and if you are in snowy areas keep the walkways shoveled and
safe. Make your home the place everyone wants to come home to!